We started Indio Minerals because we recognized the problems that people would have when they were trying to sell their mineral and royalty interests. There’s a lot of information out there, but we just felt like the process of selling shouldn’t feel like a hustle. We decided we could do it with a team of pros who had the skills to present the most accurate information available, which makes a lot of sense ― our clients can make informed decisions. I think it’s that dedication to honesty and our appreciation of the clients we work that has carried our company forward since the beginning.


Indio’s in business to do for people something that it’s tough to do yourself. You know, where do you start? What’s the process going to be like? There’re plenty of reasons people don’t want to worry about dealing with their mineral or royalty interests any more, and we try to make the process of doing that straightforward. We’re here to make the best valuation, give you the most information, and make sure that whatever your reason for selling your interests, we get everything done with as little trouble as we can.


Our mission is simple―we want to make selling your interests something you don’t worry about and don’t regret. We always try to present you the complete picture, so you know everything we do, and can make your decision without questions, confusion, or feeling rushed. We promise to be authentic, understandable, and trustworthy.